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We help you transform troubles into triumphs!

We Believe YOU Deserve...

Loose leash walking! No pulling, barking or getting tangled up in your leash.

For fluffy to come when called! No more chasing the neighbors cats or kids.

To enjoy spending time with your dog, the way you deserve to.

Private Lessons

Board & Train

We help people every day with issues they're facing with their dogs.

Struggling to keep your dog off of the counter, couch, or grandma?

We help owners find peace in their house by creating clear boundaries and teaching you how to communicate with your fur baby.

Tired of Fluffy running any chance they get?

We've got you covered! We assist you in connecting with your dog through play and teach obedience for clear communication with your furry friend.

Do you have a pushy teenager who always barks, whines or pushes you for more?

Training involves recognizing your dog's biological needs for peaceful coexistence.

So many owners struggle with similar things and we are happy to say we can help.

We have worked with hundreds of dogs and owners with varying issues. We can help with anything from your cracked out demon dog to basic obedience.

Cora helped us navigate introducing training tools, structure, consistency, and ultimately made us as owners better informed to set our doggo up for success. Cora held us accountable and showed us how relationship building is vitally important.

- Rachel & Boomer

We have worked with clients who struggle with severe behavior problems to clients who are nervous to try new training tools or methods.

Meet Cora Minkis, our dedicated owner and trainer with a profound love for dogs. At Canine Connected, Cora focuses on enhancing the lives of dogs by fostering strong connections with their owners. Trained at Tarheel Canine Inc. School for Dog Trainers, Cora brings hands-on experience in police, military, personal protection, and pet training. Since school she discovered her passion for improving the bond between clients and their dogs. Cora's expertise shines through her training, showcasing her genuine connection with both dogs and their owners.

Why we know we can help

Cora is an extremely skilled, passionate, and patient trainer. I worked with her to train my Irish setter, Fern, and could not be happier with the results. Cora was patient with me took the time to make sure I understood not only what we were doing, but also why. She made sure I understood the process and addressed all of my questions and concerns with patience and kindness. I never felt pressured or rushed working with Cora, and especially appreciated the time she took to talk with me about e-collar use. I was interested in using an e-collar for recall training with Fern, but initially had some conflicting feelings about it. Cora helped me become comfortable and work through these reservations without ever making me feel pressured and even presented alternatives to work towards the goals I was seeking. As I said above, I have really enjoyed working with Cora and am so happy with the results we achieved.

-Adam & Fern

3 Ways You Can Train With Us

Private Lessons

  • One-on-one sessions where we tailor all training to meet your specific needs, fostering growth and connection with your canine companion.

Board and Train

  • Experience our in-home intensive training program, where we connect, play, and train your pup, transforming them into the best dog you could imagine!

Group Class & Pack Walks

  • Join our group classes or pack walks for continued education, providing your dog with engaging experiences that reinforce positive behaviors and enhance their social skills.

Cora is very knowledgeable in her training method. We were really hesitant to use the e-collar at first as first time dog owners, but Cora educated us on how that will help us form a better relationship with Cairo and achieve our goals. She was very patient with us as we learned how to effectively use the e-collar throughout Cairo’s training and beyond. Cairo completed a 3 week board and train where we focused on basic obedience and house manners. Since then, our relationship with him is stronger and he’s been able to enjoy more freedom both inside and outside of the house. He gets so many compliments for being a good boy!

Quhyn and Adam with Cairo


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